Magaplast, a company leader in the production of plastic core and plastic tubes, operates in the districts of Monza, Brianza and Como.

Production, manufacture, resale of plastic core and custom tubes, of different thickness and strenght, with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Our plastic cores are perfect for plastic film coils (polypropylene and PVC), extensible film, coupled film, printed for alimentary use. You can find the best plastic cores in Monza, Brianza and Como at Magaplast company. Contact and ask us a quote.

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Due to the nature of our business we don’t have a fixed pricelist, but we customize every order according to the requirements of the customers.

We pay attention to the environmental sustainability and to the environmental respect by taking care the precision and the aesthetic appearance of the product. We take care of both design and feasibility study of the product. We create the article required starting from the project of the client. Thanks to this process we can create moulds and equipment necessary for the realization of the products extruded in PVC, PP e PE.